Saturday, September 27, 2014


There is a continuum between “trying to do stuff” on the one hand, and “writing about it” on the other; we’ve not struck a good balance over the past few years. So here I go, trying to revitalize this blog.

Over the next week, I am going to try to build an infrastructure for a project I’m calling Eupatrid. This will be a collection of identified historical figures and geographic places relevant to Classical Athenian Democracy, with citations to Greek texts. It will be based on the CITE Architecture developed for the Homer Multitext. It will also depend heavily on the excellent work of the Pleiades project.

The purpose of this is to explore the relationships among the leading figures in the historical development of classical Athenian democracy, and how those relationships enmeshed the rest of the Greek world. Ideally, this infrastructure will allow my CLS-220 class (“Greek Civilization”) to build a nifty body of data as they read Aristotle, Plutarch, Herodotus, and Thucydides.

Along the way, I want to get good at capturing, analyzing, and displaying graphs of data from CITE services, with an eye toward integrating CITE with the work on Greek syntax going on at the University of Leipzig.

So, away we go…