Thursday, September 8, 2011

Manuscript Research Update - September 8

Today we finally got going on our regularly, weekly meetings of the faculty and students doing manuscript research. We have been given a generous amount of space and time by the Studio Lab at the James B. Duke Library… thanks Diane and Mike!

The current state of projects is this:

Homeric Manuscripts

Katie Phillips is going to prepare editions, keyed to the manuscript images, of the one-line summaries of each Iliadic book that appear on the manuscripts Venetus B and Escorialensis 3.

Lichfield Manuscripts

Tucker Hannah has completed the transcription and image regions-of-interest for Matthew as it appears on the St. Chad Gospels manuscript. He is going to move on to the work, begun last year by T.J. Brown, on Mark. (The St. Chad Gospel contains Matthew, Mark, and the first three chapters of Luke).

Christopher Blackwell is going to prepare indices for Matthew: folio-citation, folio-image, and image-citation. He will also get the Matthew transcription into the Furman Classics CTS Service, which already hosts texts of the Latin Vulgate and the King James translation.

Leah Eldar and Blake Williams will continue their work on the Wycliffe Translation.

Homeric Papyri

We have updated the Homer Multitext’s library of homeric papyri with editions of fifteen new documents. We have about twenty more papyrological documents in the production pipeline.